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March 30, 2006 

The Stone Turns

"It's like when I was in The Quick and the Dead,
[my character's] a gunslinger. That's her weapon.
And with Catherine Tramell, sex and nudity is her weapon.
She's kind of a sex-slinger."
Sharon Stone

By Jeanne Wolf - go.com

She's back. She's bad. She's off-the-wall and over-the-top.

Sharon Stone certainly doesn't hold back in Basic Instinct 2. When I talked with her, she was looking sexy but didn't uncross her legs once as she told me, "I watched what I put up on the screen with some of my girlfriends, and I told them, 'I'm actually scared of Catherine.' She's a big, daring, very flamboyant character, almost like a mafia don in the way she takes over and controls people."

OK … about the nudity, which seems to be on everyone's mind. Sharon said to me with a shrug, "People wanna know, is the character gonna be nude? Well, of course she is!"

You do see enough of Sharon to prove that at 47, she's still got a bod to die for. But in the U.S. version, you'll just see her naked in flashes. Don't blink when her robe falls open as she steps into a hot tub or you'll miss a brief — I'm talking very brief — full-frontal display. (Yes, there's more in the foreign version.) Even her big sex scene with David Morrissey whizzes by. I seem to remember that there was a lot more of Sharon naked — not to mention Michael Douglas — in the original.

But let's get to the show-stopper, which comes right at the beginning. Do not be late, or you'll miss Sharon pleasuring herself with a little help from her drugged-out male passenger while careering through London streets in a trendy sports car. Just as she reaches the big O, the car hurtles off a bridge to the accompaniment of her screams of sexual ecstasy. Believe me, that got a gasp. Followed by a huge laugh.

Sharon told me that we were having more fun than she did filming the scene. "Just getting it on in the confines of a sports car was a challenge," she says. "When I put on my 4-inch heels, my Swarovski crystal Randolph Duke dress and my Chopard earrings and then I started climbing down underwater — at first I had a mask and a respirator to go down and get ready for the scene — and I looked under the water and there were lights and there were cameras and there were dive teams … I thought, "I'm gonna get electrocuted down here!' … And I thought, 'This is very scary, I don't know if I wanna do this!'"

Her performance is pretty hair-raising, too, but as you giggle at some of the moments in her game of sexual cat-and-mouse, you have the feeling that Sharon is giggling right along with you. As she nears the big five-oh, Basic Instinct 2 is her way of thumbing her nose at all those suits in Hollywood who insist on younger women for sexy parts.

"I think you should graciously surrender the things of youth," she told me, "but gracefully embrace having a really rockin' middle age. And I think you can do both. I think it's really OK to be super-sexy in your 40s, but you don't need to be super-sexy like you're 30 or 20, because there really is a very cool 40s for us. And I think a very cool 50s and 60s."



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