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Halle Berry and Sharon Stone
on "Catwoman" and Female Empowerment

By Rebecca Murray,

From the World Premiere of "Catwoman"

It would be so easy to make jokes about how the World Premiere of "Catwoman" was really the cat's meow or how purrfectly gorgeous the cast and invited celebrity guests looked as they strolled the red carpet (with nary a scratching post in sight). Or I could even get catty discussing who had their claws out and who was on their best in show behavior, but that would be too easy. Dropping the cat references and dealing with reality, "Catwoman's" World Premiere was a star-studded affair with Halle Berry and Sharon Stone looking absolutely stunning and everyone in attendance anxiously awaiting their chance to see Halle Berry as Catwoman crack her whip while wrapped in tight black leather.

After watching the movie's trailers, one of the main reasons men will see this movie is quite obvious but what's not readily apparent is why women would want to check out "Catwoman." Catching up with Halle Berry and Sharon Stone at the World Premiere, I asked both dynamic ladies what sets this movie apart from other films featuring Catwoman, and why women should fill theater seats as well as men.


Interview with Sharon Stone

How do you separate this movie from other appearances of Catwoman on film?

Well you know, we approached this movie as a completely separate entity.

And did you have fun playing the villain?

Oh, you know I did. You know that old saying: good girls go to Heaven and bad girls go everywhere (laughing).

Men will love this movie because of the sexy women but what will sell this movie to women?

I think because the women are empowered and there’s a nice lesson in the movie that just being who you are is really enough. I think that we are two women who chose to be together and two women who chose to respect and admire each other and play together. I think both of us, go out in the world and stand up for women. I think that as individuals, we already stand up for women and I’m hoping that that will bring women out.

How was working with Halle Berry?

It was great. Halle is a very talented, interesting and smart actress and a very accomplished actress.

Does your character, Laurel, get to wear sexy outfits like the ones Halle Berry sports in this movie?

I have very sexy clothes. I have clothes by Versace, fabulous designer clothes that are gorgeous.


Interview with Halle Berry

Men are going to love this because you’re beautiful and sexy, but why are women going to like "Catwoman?"

Because this movie is about women. It’s for women essentially, you know? It’s about a woman finding her sense of self, her inner strength, her power, becoming okay with her sexuality. I think every woman, deep down, would love to feel the way Catwoman gets to feel in this movie. I think we are always searching to be our true, authentic selves and not make excuses or apologies for that and Catwoman does not.

Was it harder for you to play the meek and mild Patience or the bold and flirtatious Catwoman?

They both presented certain challenges, you know? But I think I feel a lot closer to Patience simply because I walk around in life probably with more insecurities than Catwoman does. Catwoman has none, and I’m just not that gal yet. Hopefully I’ll get there in my lifetime, but I’m not there yet.

How do you want to separate your “Catwoman” from others?

I hope it will stand on its own. I think it’s a different story, it’s not set in Gotham City. I think there are some elements [from] the great women of the past who brought them to life, but I think what separates it is that I’m a different woman. I bring my own sensibilities to it, my own sense of self to it. I think that that alone would make it a little bit different than the ones in the past. Each woman in the past has brought their own specialness to it.

How much yoga did you do to get into shape for this role?

(Laughing) No yoga - lots of training, lots of weight training.

How hard was it to fight in high heels?

Really tough. My ankles paid the price.

How do you stay so composed, so together?

I’ve got real strong faith. The sun always comes up again.



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