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October 20, 2002  

Cold as Stone

Hollywood sex bomb Sharon Stone
has been plagued by real life horrors
on the set of her new movie.

by Julian Brower - Sunday Mirror

To begin with, Basic Instinct babe Sharon nearly had to back out of filming psychological thriller The Devil's Throat (Cold Creek Manor) because her father was stricken with cancer.

Then she suffered vertigo and other health problems while shooting the film and had a terrifying brush with stalker fans.

Sharon told a pal: "It's been one thing after another for me on this movie. It's been a nightmare."

The film, about a woman who is terrorised by an ex-convict, was meant to be Sharon's big comeback after her 1998 sci-fi flop Sphere.

An insider said: "She almost backed out at the last minute because she was so worried about her parents.

"Her dad, Joe, has cancer of the esophagus and she had put her film career on hold to take care of him and her mother, Dorothy, while he received treatment at a hospital in LA."

Luckily, Joe's condition improved and Sharon was able to join co- stars Dennis Quaid and Stephen Dorff on set in Canada.

But bad luck struck again. While filming a scene on the roof of a farmhouse, Sharon suffered a terrifying vertigo attack and had to be rescued.

She was then hit by a severe stomach flu, and as if that was not enough, two persistent fans tried to force their way onto the set to get a closer glimpse of the star.

"They scared the daylights out of her," revealed a source.

Friends say Stone can't wait to finish shooting the movie so she can finally put her bad luck behind her.



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