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The Specialist

The government taught him to kill.
Now he's using his skills to help a woman
seek revenge against the Miami underworld.

Genre: Thriller / Drama / Action
Runtime: 110 min
Certification: USA:R / UK:15 (original rating) / UK:18 (video rating)

The story

May Munro (Sharon Stone) hires Ray Quick (Sylvester Stallone), a former CIA-attached Army explosives specialist, to kill the men responsible for the death of her parents, which she witnessed as a child.



Directed by Luis Llosa
Suggested by John Shirley
Written by Alexandra Seros
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.


Sylvester Stallone, as Ray Quick
Sharon Stone, as May Munro - aka Adrian Hastings
James Woods, as Ned Trent
Rod Steiger, as Joe Leon
Eric Roberts, as Tomas Leon
Mario Ernesto Sánchez, as Charlie
Sergio Doré Jr, as Strongarm

Brittany Paige Bouck, as young May
Chase Randolph, as Stan Munro, May's father
Jeana Bel, as Alice Munro, May's mother
Emilio Estefan Jr, as Piano Player
LaGaylia Frazier, as Singer #1
Ramón González Cuevas, as Priest at Cemetery
Tony Munafo, as Tony
Cheito Quinonez, as Singer at Party



Sylvester Stallone joinded the cast when Steven Seagal, who was contacted first to star and direct the film, wanted $9 million, wich was considered too high by producers.

Box Office Total: $55.2M



Continuity mistakes:

May accepts a glass of champagne from Tomas, despite holding one a moment earlier.

The window in the hotel was broken by the henchman flying through it. But when the room falls into the water the glass is fine.

The blood on May Munro's lower lip disappears and reappears during a confrontation with Ned Trent.

When Ray and May are escaping his compound in the escape tunnel, it shows part of the concrete ceiling give way and collapse on the tunnel floor. The next time we see them, moments later, the escape tunnel is clear of all debris.

The letters on the hotel room door change size and style when seen from the inside after the door is opened.

Ray Quick puts explosives in the crack of the window, in the hotel. But when the bombs go off there is no explosion from the explosive in the window.

Factual errors:

When Ned's team first walks into the hotel room, the standard Ma Bell message "Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number..." can be heard from the off-hook phone. A few seconds later, it changes to the more logical "If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and...." In either case, however, the Ma Bell messages would not be heard through a phone connected to a hotel switchboard.

Revealing mistakes:

Obvious stunt double at the bridge explosion.

When May is dropping her clothes on the floor of her apartment, she is dropping them on an obvious floor mark.




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