Five Dollars a Day

Satus : completed

Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Theatrical release: 2008

The story

Nat considers himself a fun-loving "people person" with a zest for life. His son Flynn reckons he's a shameless cheapskate con artist who ruined his childhood. On a riotous road trip across America, this is the last chance for the odd couple to disclose long-buried secrets and heal bitter wounds.

Nat (Christopher Walken) , a free-spirited con-man, and his conservative son, Flynn (Alessandro Nivola), embark on a cross country odyssey.
The conservative son (Nivola) of a thrifty conman (Walken) begrudgingly joins his father on the road -- after being released from jail for one of his dad's earlier crimes.
A road movie that pits a con artist against his more conservative son. Walken will play a conman proud of living like a king on $5 a day, and Nivola his offspring, who had been jailed for one of his father's crimes.


Directed by Nigel Cole
Written by Neal H. Dobrofsky and Tippi Dobrofsky

Credited cast

  • Christopher Walken, as Nat
  • Sharon Stone, as Dolores
  • Amanda Peet, as Flynn's girlfriend
  • Dean Cain
  • Alessandro Nivola, as Flynn
  • Peter Coyote, as Bert Kruger
  • Nectar Rose, as Sherry


Production companies : Capitol Films, Carol Baum Productions, Goldenring Productions, Grand Army Entertainment , Road Rebel

Special Effects : Great FX

Sound mix : Dolby Laboratories


The project dates back to 2003 when Nick Cassavetes had signed on to direct, but a year later was replaced by John Curran. Three years later Nigel Cole is sitting in the director's chair.

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