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Alpha Dog

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Genre: Crime, Urban, Drama
Rated: R
Runtime: 2 hr 2 mins
Official site: www.alphadogmovie.com


The story

In the sprawling, privileged neighborhoods around L.A., bored teenagers with too much time and too much money string one hazy day into another, looking for the next thrill--doing suburban imitations of the thug life they idolize from rap music, video games and movies. When you’re living without any consequences, anything can happen. And in the hot California summer six years ago, something did. Johnny Truelove controls the drugs on the well-manicured streets of his neighborhood. Where Johnny goes, the party, the girls and his loyal gang follow. When he’s double-crossed over missing deal money by raging hothead Jake, Johnny and his gang impulsively kidnap Jake’s little brother, Zack, holding him as a marker and heading to Palm Springs. With no parents in sight, they grow used to having the kid around, and Zack enjoys an illicit summer fantasy of drinking, girls and new experiences. Out in the desert, Johnny and his boys lose sight that the kid is a hostage who can’t just be neatly returned. As the days tick by, the options of how to get themselves out of their situation start to disappear. Good times turn bad and bad turns worse as Johnny finds himself out of his league and with no idea how to fix it.



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Written & directed by: Nick Cassavetes


Justin Timberlake, as Frankie Ballenbarcher
Bruce Willis, as Sonny Truelove
Sharon Stone, as Olivia Mazursky
Emile Hirsch, as Johnny Truelove
Dominique Swain, as Susan Hartunian
Ben Foster, as Jake Mazursky
Vincent Kartheiser, as Pick Giamo
Shawn Hatosy, as Elvis Schmidt
David Thornton, as Butch Mazursky
Heather Wahlquist, as Wanda Haynes
Christopher Marquette, as Keith Stratten
Lukas Haas, as Buzz Fecske
Olivia Wilde, as Angela Holden
Anton Yelchin, as Zack Mazursky
Alex Kingston, as Tiffy Hartunian
Harry Dean Stanton, as Cosmo Gadabeeti
Alex Solowitz, as Bobby "911"
Fernando Vargas, as Tiko "TKO" Martinez
Alec Vigil, as P.J. Truelove
Frank Cassavetes, as Adrian Jones


Producers: Chuck Pacheco, Sidney Kimmel
Co-Producer: Matthew Barry, Nancy Green Keyes
Associate Producer: Michael Mehas, Brad Jensen, Frank Peluso
Executive Producer: Steven Markoff , Andreas Grosch , Marina Grasic , Avram Kaplan, Robert Geringer, Jan Korbelin, Andreas Schmid

Production Companies: Sidney Kimmel Entertainment , A-Mark Entertainment
Theatrical Distributor: Universal Pictures
Theatrical Distributor (Italy): Moviemax




Music Editor: Angie Rubin
Assistant Music EditorJeff Potokar
Additional Orchestrations: Ismael Gallegos
Music Supervisor: Spring Aspers
Music Performers: Mateo Laboriel, Paul Bushnell, Paul Graham
Music: Aaron Zigman, Michael Stern, Michael Stern
Song Performer “Along for the Ride”: Robert Rebeck
Song “Along for the Ride”: Robert Rebeck
Song Performer “Basketball”: Lowd
Song “Basketball”: Aaron Zigman, Mateo Laboriel
Song Performer “Blank Zone 2”: Tech N9ne
Song “Blank Zone 2”: Aaron D. Yates, Aaron Zigman, Mateo Laboriel
Song Performer “Bullet and a Target”: Citizen Cope
Song “Bullet and a Target”: Clarence Greenwood
Song Performer “Caribou Lou”: Tech N9ne
Song “Caribou Lou”: Aaron D. Yates
Song “Carlage #2”: George S. Clinton
Song Performer “Cookie Monster”: Paul Bushnell, Paul Graham
Song “Cookie Monster”: Aaron Zigman, Paul Bushnell, Paul Graham
Song “Daddy’s Job”: George S. Clinton
Song Performer “Dragonfly”: Paul Bushnell, Miredys Peguero
Song “Dragonfly”: Paul Graham, Paul Bushnell, Aaron Zigman
Song Performer “Enemy and I”: Lazarus
Song “Enemy and I”: Raulin Guidry
Song Performer “Flemish”: Drobin
Song “Flemish”: Richard Ford, Angie Rubin
Song Performer “Girl from Ipanema”: Kenny G.
Song “Girl from Ipanema”: Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vincius De Moreas, Norman Gimbel
Song Performer “Jake Breaks In”: Paul Bushnell
Song “Jake Breaks In”: Aaron Zigman, Paul Graham, Paul Bushnell
Song Performer “Just a Little Bit”: Gina Cassavetes
Song “Just a Little Bit”: Aaron Zigman, Paul Bushnell, Paul Graham
Song Performer “Johnny & Jake Fight”: LOWD
Song “Johnny & Jake Fight”: Mateo Laboriel, Aaron Zigman
Song Performer “LA LA Land”: Tech N9ne
Song “LA LA Land”: Aaron D. Yates, Aaron Zigman
Song Performer “Let’s Chill”: Michael Holden, Maya Song, Renee Rogers
Song “Let’s Chill”: Aaron Zigman, Mateo Laboriel
Song Performer “Liar”: Miredys Peguero, Paul Graham
Song “Liar”: Aaron Zigman, Paul Bushnell, Paul Graham
Song Performer “Marco Polo”: Cassie Simone, LOWD
Song “Marco Polo”: Aaron Zigman, Mateo Laboriel
Song Performer “Minor’s Daughter”: Travis Howard
Song “Minor’s Daughter”: Travis Howard
Song Performer “Never Give Up”: Michael Holden
Song “Never Give Up”: Aaron Zigman, Mateo Laboriel
Song Performer “Night & Day”: Big Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne
Song “Night & Day”: Mateo Laboriel, Aaron D. Yates
Song Performer “On Top of December”: Nick Cassavetes
Song “On Top of December”: Aaron Zigman
Song Performer “Over the Rainbow”: Eva Cassidy
Song “Over the Rainbow”: E Y Harburg, Harold Arlen
Song Performer “Party’s Over”: LOWD
Song “Party’s Over”: Aaron Zigman, Mateo Laboriel
Song “Pool Party”: Aaron Zigman, Mateo Laboriel
Song Performer “Pool Party”: Mic Holden
Song “Probe”: George S. Clinton
Song Performer “Quisiera”: Ismael Gallegos
Song “Quisiera”; Ismael Gallegos
Song Performer “Revolving”: Paul Bushnell
Song “Revolving”: Paul Bushnell, Aaron Zigman, Paul Graham
Song Performer “Say Goodbye Hollywood”: Eminem
Song “Say Goodbye Hollywood”: Marshall Mathers, Michael Elizondo, Luis Resto
Song “Scaffolding”: Danny Saber
Song Performer “Sacrifice”: Numbs
Song “Sacrifice”: Shawn Murphy, Mark Thomas, Gunner Olsen, Eric Angulo
Song Performer “Slither”: Tech N9ne
Song “Slither”: Aaron D. Yates
Song Performer “Tired”: Skatterman & Snug Brim
Song “Tired”: Stacy Landis, Aaron Henderson, R Swinton
Song Performer “Toss It Up”: Tupac Shakur
Song “Toss It Up”: Tupac Shakur, Aaron Hall, KC, Jojo Hailey, Danny Boy, Steward, Demetrious Shipp, Reginald Moore
Song Performer “Watching Zack”: LOWD
Song “Watching Zack”: Mateo Laboriel, Aaron Zigman
Song Performer “We are the Lost”: Lawrence Faljean
Song “We are the Lost”: Aaron Zigman, Paul Graham, Paul Bushnell
Song Performer “Weightlifting”: LOWD
Song “Weightlifting”: Mateo Laboriel, Aaron Zigman
Song Performer “Wild is the Wind”: David Bowie
Song “Wild is the Wind”: Dimitri Tiomkin, Ned Washington
Song Performer “Winner”: Paul Bushnell
Song “Winner”: Paul Bushnell, Aaron Zigman, Paul Graham

Physical Effects

Stunt Coordinator: Kerry Rossall
Stunt Double ("Jake"): Clayton Barber
Stunt Double ("Zack"): Cody Gill
Stunts: Robert Alonzo, Andrew Sheehy, Carrick O'Quinn, Greg Fitzpatrick, Ralf Koch, Danny Hernandez, Kofi Yiadom ,Angela Meryl, Huan Nguyen

Production Management

Unit Production Manager: Avram Kaplan
Assistant Production Coordinator: Justin Haut

Line Producer (Additional Photography Unit): Todd Lewis
Production Supervisor: Todd Lewis
1st Assistant Director : David A Ticotin (Second Unit), David A Ticotin
Location Manager: Paul Schreiber
Post-Production Supervisor: Michael Toji
Script Supervisor: Jeanne Byrd Hall
Assistant Location Manager: Stephen Fischer
2nd Assistant Director: Vernon Davidson

Visual Effects Credit

Visual Effects Producer (Engine Room): Michael Caplan
Visual Effects Supervisor (Engine Room): Dan Schmit
Special Effects Coordinator: JD Street
Special Effects: Thomas Seymour
Special Effects Assistant: Dan Williams
Digital Effects Artist (Engine Room): Eric Heavens
Digital Effects: Carl Jacobson
Visual Effects (Engine Room): Cyrena Addison
Digital Effects Artist (Engine Room): Jared Sandrew
Special Effects (Additional Photography Unit): Charles Cooley
Main Title Design: Sam Bayer, Ken Mowe, Robert Hale
Digital Effects Artist (Engine Room): Gregory S Scribner Stephen Wilson, David O Piedra, Robyn Kralik, Andrew Honacker, Michael Kirylo
Digital Effects Artist: Roger Ames Berger, John Scheer, Ed Thompson

Wardrobe / Hair / Makeup

Sara Jane Slotnick Costume Designer
Makeup Artist (Additional Photography Unit): Zoe Hay
Makeup Effects: Steve Koch
Set Costumer: Amber S Jordyn Key
Makeup: Eryn Krueger
Set Costumer: Shirley Kurata
Hair: Bunny Parker
Costume Supervisor: Lucinda Campbell
Special Makeup Effects: Alec Gillis
Key Makeup Artist: Stephanie Fowler
Key Hair Stylist: Rebecca George
Set Costumer: Marta Villalobos
Makeup Effects: Yuri Everson
Special Makeup Effects: Tom Woodruff Jr
For Sharon Stone: Hair Stylist: Linda De Andrea / Makeup: Gracie Atherton / Hair Stylist: Robert L Stevenson
Shannon Soucie Key Hair Stylist
Justin Raleigh Makeup Effects
Key Hair Stylist (Additional Photography Unit): Rebecca George
Makeup Effects: Garth Winkless, Mike Larrabee, Steve Frakes, Matthew Killen, Brandon Messersmith, Mike Manzel, Bill Jacob, David Brooke, Steven Munson, Rob Freitas



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