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50x50 icons

These 50x50 are to be used on AIM
or WindowsXP accounts


Alpha Dog Alpha Dog Alpha Dog Basic Instinct 2 Basic Instinct 2 Movies: Casino The Quick and The Dead The Quick and The Dead The Quick and The Dead Sliver Sliver Sliver Intersection Intersection Intersection

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Copyright notice

These icons and wallpapers were made for sharon-stone.eu visitors only. Never redistribute them in anyway or you'll get to know the dark face of the webmiss ;)

If you use my icons, please, link back to www.sharon-stone.eu (with a banner or a simple text link).

If you can't find THE icon you need, go here to contact me.

Did you know ?

You can use the 50x50 pixels icons for your AIM messenger, and also for your Windows XP account.
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