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News and updates

Monday May 26th 2008155 pictures added to the gallery

I hoped I would be able to upload 200 pictures, but it's already midnight and I have *only* 155 pictures to add. I hope you will forgive me ;) All of them are from last year's events. I will finish tomorrow and I'll also add some new screencaptures and news.

2nd Annual Sober Day Celebration  2nd Annual Sober Day
  June 2007 - 7 pictures

Chacun Son Cinema premiere  Chacun Son Cinema 1ere
  May 2007 - 34 pictures

Smart Cookie Awards  Smart Cookie Awards
  April 2007 - 11 pictures

Billie Awards  Billie Awards
  April 2007 - 28 pictures

Rick Weiss Humanitarian Award  R.Weiss Humanitarian Award
  April 2007 - 10 pictures

Celebrity Fight Night  M. Ali's Celebrity Fight Night
  March 2007 - 30 pictures

17th Carousel of Hope Ball 17th Carousel of Hope Ball
  October 2006 - 35 pictures

Sunday May 25th 200853 screencaptures added to the gallery

As you can see, I'm trying to build up the gallery and I'm adding today 30 pictures from the movie Intersection and 23 from Above The Law. I've started working on some events Sharon attended last year, but I'm too tired to finish it tonight. You'll have to come back tomorrow to have at least 200 more pictures in the gallery.
I hope I'll be able to add 2 more movies and a few other events by the end of the week... and then I'll be on holiday for 10 days.

Cold Steel Intersection
  1994 - 30 pictures
Cold Steel Above The Law (Nico)
  1988 - 23 pictures

Friday May 23th 2008Sharon Stone and Madonna hosts the amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS 2008

Madonna attended the dinner for the first time and was a guest at the annual Cinema Against AIDS AmFar dinner in Cannes last night.
Sharon Stone, who is the face of AmFar, was thrilled nonetheless. Thanks to Madonna’s just showing up, and Stone’s persistence in selling her at auction, AmFar raised a staggering $10 million. That’s up nearly $3 million from last year. So say what you will, Madonna’s presence was her donation to the cause.
- Read more about the event
- See the pictures

I'm also adding 27 screencaptures from the movie He Said, She Said (1991). More movies will come this week-end.

Sorbonne - conference  Cinema Against AIDS
  May 2008 - 28 pictures

In Cannes harbour He Said, She Said
  1991 - 27 pictures

Thursday May 22th 2008Sharon Stone in Cannes : new pictures

This week, Sharon is in Frence for the 61st International Cannes Film Festival. She has attente

d the "I Am Because We Are" premiere (with Madonna) and the "Changeling" premiere. She also had time to have fun in Cannes harbour. The pictures are available in the gallery.

I am because we are  I am because we are
  May 2008 - 11 pictures

Changeling premiere  Changeling premiere
  May 2008 - 29 pictures

In Cannes harbour In Cannes harbour
  May 2008 - 8 pictures

Tonight, Sharon and Madonna are joining forces to host the annual fundraiser 'Cinema against Aids' in Cannes. I hope I'll get some pictures soon.

Wednesday May 21th 2008Old screencaptures added to the gallery

As I've uploaded Sharon's latest photoshoot yesterday, I'm adding today 30 screencaptures from the movie Cold Steel (1987). Enjoy this trip to the past ;)

Tuesday May 20th 2008Sharon Stone - Héroïne culte

Jean-Baptiste Mondino photoshoot for Elle magazine

This week, Sharon is on the cover of Elle Magazine

(May 19th, 2008). Rush to the closest newstand if you're in France : the pictures are ALL absolutely gorgeous. If you do not live in France and want to purchase a copy of the magazine, you can contact me.
I've just added the photos to the pictures gallery.

J-B Mondino photoshoot J-B Mondino photoshoot
 May 2008 - 15 pictures

I've received several requests for a wallpaper based on the movie Diabolique and I've just finished it.
- Download the wallpaper

- or the get the iphone version

Last news for today : Sharon Stone Europe is now affiliated with Tom Hanks online !


Saturday May 17th 2008Sharon in Europe

As promised, I'm posting some pictures again today : 8 pictures from the press conference before the Lexus Fashion Night, in Varsaw, Poland where Sharon was yesterday. For the other pictures, you can say better late than never as they are from last year events:

Sorbonne - conference  Lexus Fashion Night
  April 2008 - 8 pictures

sVienna Life Ball 2007  Vienna Life Ball 2007
  May 2007 - 32 pictures

AIDS Charity gala in Schoenbrunn  Charity gala in Schoenbrunn
  May 2007 - 10 pictures

Cinema Against AIDS 2007 benefiting AMFAR  Cinema Against AIDS 2007
  May 2007 - 39 pictures

Friday May 16th 2008A few additions to the gallery

I have 2 things to tell you today:
First of all, I'd like to let you know that new items have been added to the auction at www.myqlu.net, including wonderful dresses, shoes... check that link often as there are a lot of items belonging to Sharon that will be auctioned there.

Then, I appologize for not having updated the gallery for a long time. Here's the begining of a long list of pictures that will be added in this mid-May. All these pictures are recent (from April to yesterday). More pictures will be posted here tomorrow.

Chopin airport - Varsaw, Poland Arriving at Chopin airport
  in Varsaw, Poland

  May 2008 - 4 pictures

Candids : Sharon Stone shopping in Paris Shopping in Paris
  April 2008 - 7 pictures

Sharon Stone at Women's Night 2008  Women's night 2008
  May 2008 - 26 pictures

Sorbonne Conference at
 La Sorbonne, Paris

  April 2008 - 11 pictures

19th GLAAD awards  19th GLAAD Media awards
  May 2008 - 10 pictures


Monday May 12th 2008Sharon Stone Collection Auctions to Benefit The Joyful Heart Foundation

Sharon Stone Collection Auctions to Benefit The Joyful Heart FoundationThe Joyful Heart Foundation, founded in 2004 by actress and activist Mariska Hargitay (star of the hit NBC Drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit). The Joyful Heart Foundation (JHF) mission is to heal, educate and empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, and to shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues.
Looking for a fresh and creative way to raise funds for Joyful Heart, Mariska has generously cleaned her wardrobe and inspired her friends including Sharon Stone, Hilary Swank, Courteney Cox, Marcia Cross among others to do the same for benefit of Joyful Heart and its programs. 100% Net Proceeds Benefit The Joyful Heart Foundation.
Sharon has generously swept through years of couture gowns, suits, coats and jackets, shoes, boots, loungewear, summer dresses, silks and handmade jewelry and passed them forward for benefit of The Joyful Heart and its programs. All the available items have been personally owned and donated by Sharon Stone, are authentic and come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Mariska Hargitay.
Here's the link to the auction : www.myqlu.net
And good luck if you bid on some items ;)

Monday May 5th 2008Another wallpaper + iphone wallpapers

I'm trying to make a few more desktop wallpapers based on Sharon's movies. This time, I've made one based on King Solomon's Mines (1985), and you'll find 3 matching 100x100 icons. And last but not least, 7 iphone wallpapers as I've received several requests. And you remember that you'll find the latest news and pictures on the forum ;)

King Solomon's Mines

sunday APR.26th 20081 new wallpaper + new game

SphereI've received another request for a wallpaper : this time, it's about t

he movie Sphere, and as usual, I've made several sizes so you can find the one you need. Click here to download the wallpaper.

We have open another game on the forum, and don't forget to visit the board for the latest news.

Wednesday APR.23rd 20083 new wallpapers + icons

2 members of the forum asked me for 2 wallpapers and I've just finished them. I'll share them with you too. They come in several sizes and you can download them from the downloads page, of course !
Here's a preview :
The Vegas Strip War The Quick And The Dead The Quick And The Dead

You also have a few assorted icons to use on the forum
(all are available on the 100x100 icons page):

You want some custom wallpapers and icons ? Join the forum and enter the series of games, and I promise I make any graphic you want !

The forum is also the best place to get the latest news, media and games about Sharon Stone. This way to meet the fans...

WednesdayFeb.13th 2008New fanlisting hosted : Catherine Tramell

I've just finished the layout for the Catherine Tramell fanlisting (adopted from Lucy... a million times thank you to Lucy for offering me this fanlisting!!).
If you're a fan, come this way and join the Catherine Tramell fanlisting !

And here's the list of the fanlistings hosted here, so you can register if you're also a fan of these movies :

ThursdayFeb.12th 2008It's raining icons

I was on holidays and all I could do was small things that didn't require an internet access, then I've made a lot of new icons.

- 12 new 100x100 movie icons | 18 new 100x100 icons (photoshoots) | 11 new 65x65 icons | 27 new 50x50 icons

samples :

More additions and updates will come very soon. One of the upcoming events on Sharon Stone Europe will be the addiction of the fanlisting for Catherine Tramell to the series of fanlistings hosted here. I've finished the layout and codes and I have to upload the database. Stay tuned !

Thursdayjan.27th 200833 icons + 1 new wallpaper

- 8 new 100x100 icons

- 1 new wallpaper
Download wallpapers

- 25 new 65x65 icons

Thursdayjan.24th 200820 icons + 2 wallpapers for you

- Sharon Stone Europe is now hosting the fanlisting for the movie Bobby !!
This way for a visit
and do not hesitate to register if you're a fan.

- Another place to visit : the site is now affiliated with the great Christian Slaters's offical website.

- 20 new 100x100 icons
- 2 new wallpapers

SaturdayMarch24th2007More pictures

Updates again!Is it Christmas already? I still have a lot of pictures in stock, but tonight I'm adding 103 shots: studio pictures taken in the 80's, and some past events. We now have 1151 pictures in the gallery!!
- If you have some pictures, articles, links or anything else you want to share, no not hesitate and contact us


FridayFeb.16th 2007 Rare Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Versace Edition Fetches $500,000+ at Auction

Versace Teams Up With Lamborghini to Create a Custom Super Car, the Murciélago LP640, for Elton John's Charity Auction, Hosted by Sharon Stone

It seemed perfectly fitting that the auctioneer - actress Sharon Stone - was wearing a black Versace gown as she heated up the bidding for the Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Versace Edition on Thursday.

But the really interesting part of the exercise was the price tag on the rare Lamborghini: $500,000-plus. The winning bidder was Vik Keuylian of Lamborghini Orange County.

The Versace-edition Lambo was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, with estimated maximum production of about 10. Maison Versace, the Italian design house, outfitted the supercar in black leather emblazoned with a Greek fret motif, its corporate trademark. The vehicle comes with lots of goodies, including a Versace luggage set and a ceramic watch designed by Donatella Versace. Read more

Croissants and culture on the menu as Sharon visits Paris

The perennially youthful Sharon Stone has been making the most of a break in the City of Light. Despite her star status, the Basic Instinct actress was clearly keen to blend in with the crowds and she certainly looked the part in her comfy walking boots, combat trousers and stylish leather jacket.

After leaving her luxurious base at the famous Ritz hotel, Sharon set off to explore Paris' traditional delights - including a stop at a patisserie where she took particular interest in a counter filled with sweet pastries and croissants.

No visit to the romantic French capital would be complete without dipping into the city's rich cultural offerings, and Sharon took in an exhibition of Egypt's sunken treasures at the Grand Palais.

Smiling broadly in the winter sun as she strolled beside the Seine through the quaint streets of Ile Saint-Louis, the silver screen beauty looked perfectly at home in the capital. And she'd picked a popular place to explore. With its charming art galleries and cafes, the picturesque isle ajoining the island on which stands Notre Dame, is an essential destination for any visitor to the city.

Sharon Stone - part of exhibit at Portrait Gallery

Britain's National Portrait Gallery commissioned photographer Corrine Day for a new exhibit, Face of Fashion, set to run February 15 to May 28. The upcoming Face Of Fashion exhibition, will feature images of Sharon Stone, Kate Moss, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Justin Timberlake and Madonna.

ThursdayFeb.15th 2007 did you know?

About 10 percent of the U.S. population has flipped burgers for McDonald's, according to America Online, which spotlighted 10 of McDonald's "Most Famous Former Employees" including Shania Twain, Sharon Stone, Jay Leno, Amazon.com's Jeff Bezos and food writer Andrew Dornenburg.

WednesdayFeb.14th 2007 Stone grateful for crotch-flashing Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone has no regrets about filming her controversial crotch-flashing scene in Basic Instinct, and credits it with establishing her Hollywood presence and allowing her to carry out humanitarian work. The 48-year-old became a part of cinematic folklore when she uncrossed her legs in director Paul Verhoeven's 1992 movie - something Stone is grateful for. She says, "I'm really glad that the fame and the clout that film brought me has allowed me to make other pictures and to do humanitarian work." Source: contactmusic.com

MondayFeb.12th 2007 Stone: "New movie challenged my perception of depression"

Actress Sharon Stone found playing a depressed woman in new movie When A Man Falls In The Forest "a watershed experience", because it challenged the way she thinks about clinical depression. The 48-year-old plays a middle-aged lady who takes up shoplifting as a result of feeling isolated. Speaking at the Berlin Film Festival today, Stone said, "Everybody goes through times in their lives when they feel like they're disappearing, when they feel like no one is seeing them or hearing them. I certainly think that it's prevalent in middle age. "(Making the film) was a watershed experience. I think that we live in a Prozac society where we're always told we're supposed to have this kind of equilibrium of emotion. We have all these assignments about how we're supposed to feel about something." Source: contactmusic.com
Read more in 2 articles:
Sharon Stone turns down the heat
Sharon Stone says latest film challenges "Prozac society"

Sharon's Like A Rolling Stone

Movie star Sharon Stone might be heading for 50 - but she proved she's still got all the right equipment yesterday.
The Basic Instinct actress was dressed to kill as she took to the stage in LA at an event honouring Italian fashion designers Donatella Versace and her late brother Gianni.
The only one who didn't seem stunned was veteran music arranger Quincy Jones - who kept his back to Sharon.

TuesdayFeb.6th 2007 Iconic Oscar outfits celebrated at annual fashion show

Barbra Streisand. Cher. Elizabeth Taylor. Sharon Stone. Each made style history at the Academy Awards.

SundayFeb.5th 2007Sharon Stone receives the inaugural Roy London Award

Wednesday night, Sharon Stone picked up an award for her long-term charity work on behalf of amfAR, which supports AIDS research and prevention.
Sharon was the final speaker and was, as always, a dynamic presence.
She repeated for the audience the anecdote of how she got involved with amfAR. It was after her acting teacher, the late Roy London, told her she had to do something. She answered a call for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and found a young girl dying of HIV. The rest, as they say, is history.
Sharon said the girl's wish was to be taken to Paul Newman's camp. Stone got a trailer and took her there with nurses. They went to the camp, and on the way home, the girl died.
There wasn't a dry eye in the house. For the record, amfAR raised $3 million. Next stop: the annual fundraiser in May at the Cannes Film Festival. Read more...

Jan.30th 2007Sharon Stone: 'Washington being sent to therapy is absurd

Sharon Stone is amazed shamed Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington has entered an anger management course after calling cast mate TR Knight a "faggot" - because she always refers to her gay friends as "big fags". The outspoken Basic Instinct star claims it's "absurd" Washington has been sent to therapy.

She tells the New York Post, "'I've been called a b**** - and a lot worse - for years. And you know what, so what? People who think that aren't going to change their minds. And I wouldn't dream of sending them to therapy to 'rehabilitate' their feelings. How absurd. Please, I call all my gay friends 'big fags'."
Washington has entered a 30-day anger management program in a bid to keep his Grey's Anatomy job. Read more...

Sharon in love?

Rumors have been flying, but now Sharon Stone and Christian Slater have abandoned secrecy. They were cuddling and smooching at some Hollywood party last week.

57th Berlin festival

The annual "Berlinale", now in its 57th edition, runs from Feb. 8 to 18. The first major European film festival of the year, its program blends major Hollywood names with productions large and small from around the world.  The 22 movies competing for the top Golden Bear award include De Niro's "The Good Shepherd," starring Matt Damon as an agent in the early days of the CIA; and Soderbergh's "The Good German," with George Clooney as an American journalist lured into a murder mystery in post-World War II Berlin. 
The partly German-produced "When A Man Falls In The Forest," directed by Ryan Eslinger, will bring Sharon Stone to the festival.

Sunday Jan. 29th 2007Stone: "we don't need men to be mothers"

Sharon Stone is urging women to take a DIY approach to having a family.
Single Stone, who has three adopted kids, says: "Don't wait for a man to give you children, do it yourself. Then, if Prince Charming does come along, he'll walk in and say: 'Oh, just what I've been looking for, a family waiting for me.'" Simple, huh? Read more...

Sunday Jan. 27th 2007Stone ditches sexy image

Hollywood beauty Sharon Stone has vowed not to return to the roles in which she made her name - insisting she has ditched her "sexy" image for good. Read more...


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